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Yugi Mutou – Yugi is the protagonist of the show and is an expert at playing all sorts of games ("Yu-gi" means "game" in Japanese). He is especially deft at playing Duel Monsters, a.k.a. Magic and Wizards. He carries the Millennium Puzzle, one of the seven ancient Millennium Items, around his neck, which is an ancient Egyptian artifact that carries the spirit of the late pharaoh inside.

Dark Yugi (Yami no Yu-gi) or Yu-Gi-Oh! / Yami Yugi - His real name is Pharaoh Atem who saved the world from destruction but gave his life in the process. His soul is trapped in Yugi's Millennium puzzle, which was found by Sugoroku Mutou in Dark Yugi's tomb in Egypt. Yugi was able to solve the puzzle and he released Atem who possessed Yugi's body. Atem calls himself "Dark" because he lost memory on his previous life. He entered Duelist's Kingdom and he dueled very good players such as Seto Kaiba and Malik Ishtar. His favourite card is the Dark Magician but he also possesses the three Egyptian God Cards.

The English version video games generally use the 4Kids English anime names, as opposed to the Viz English manga names.

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